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Momentum Pharmaceutical PLC was established as a sister company to a known household name brand, “The GHIONs,” to be an importer and distributor of pharmaceutical finished products, medical supplies, hospital equipment and diagnostics supplies. Our wide spread distribution network exists across Ethiopia. Our financial capabilities, manpower infastructure, and business expertise network, developed over 35 years, gives us an edge in this market. We have assembled a well qualified team of individuals, partners and consultants to enter the pharmaceutical industry in a strategically defined way. Our team includes Pharmacist, Physicians, Pharmaceutical consulting firms, contract manufacturers, experts in QA/QC, experts in Regulatory Affairs in the industry, and sales representatives. As a branch of the Ghions, Momentum access to capitol through Ethiopian banking relationships, distribution networks unparalleled, and warehouse across the country.  








The GHIONs are a collection of companies in various sectors, to which Momentum Pharmaceutical PLC is strategically aligned. They are one of the leading manufacturing, trading and service providing companies in Ethiopia with a diverse portfolio across several sectors. Such extensive distribution channels across Ethiopia offers Momentum partners the access and brand visibility necessary for success!


The GHIONs are represented and operating in many sectors of the economy through the following sister companies:

  • The GHION Industrial and Commercial PLC

  • The GHION Industrial and Chemical PLC

  • The GHION Gas PLC

  • The GHION Transport PLC

  • The GHION Travel and Tour PLC

  • The GHION Packaging PLC

  • Plywood Factory( Recently Acquired)


Ghion Chemical has been engaged in the production of house hold chemical detergents for the last decade and have now evolved into the leading chemical company in Ethiopia. With the support of skilled manpower, modern machineries equipped with state of the art new technology, the GHIONs are the sole producers of numerous household chemicals.  Their products include deteregent chemicals used for household, commercial and industrial use. Ghion Chemical also manufactures and distributes a water treatment product called Water Guard, which has been approved by the Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority of Ethiopa. Water Guard has been distributed throughout Ethiopia to provide clean water access to poorer communities.


Ghion Industrial and Commercial is engaged in dry cargo and liquid transport and owns and operates over 150 trucks. It operates a coffee processing plant for exporting coffee to global markets.  It also imports chemicals, detergents and industrial products such as tyres, and furniture.


Ghion Gas is the leading LPG supplier covering more than 85% of the market share. Because they are integrated as an organization of talented and technically experienced personnel for decades, they have accomplished supplying liquid petroleum gas in different sizes of cylinders that range between 3kg and 52kg for households, Hotels, Hospitals and Industries.


Our Distribution, in conjunction with The GHIONs network, provides extensive channels in Ethiopia for Momentum Pharmaceutical PLCs product lines. Through this partnership, in Addis Ababa, we gain visibility in 25 sites including retails shops and supermarkets and have more than 20 distribution channels in the following cities.


  • Nazereth

  • Awassa

  • BahirDar

  • Deredawa

  • ArbaMinch

  • Nekemte

  • Jima

  • Kombolcha

  • Mekelle


Warehouse Locations:

Addis Ababa - A 160,000 square feet space in the capital city


Dukem - located within the vicinity of Addis Ababa with a storage facility with 65,000 square feet


Bahar Dar City - located in Eastern Ethiopia with 65,000 square feet of storage space


Kombolcha City - located in Northern Ethiopia with a 65,000 square foot storage facility


Through this strategic partnership with The Ghions, Momentum Pharmaceutical PLC has centrally integrated:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Administration

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Transport

  • Human Resources

"Our capabilities are aligned with the market presence of our partner, The GHIONs"
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