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Word-Class Products

Word-Class Products

International distribution to satisfy your pharmaceutical needs

Professional and Qualified Team

Professional and Qualified Team

We handle your pharmaceutical needs from concept to distribution

Quality Assured Products

Quality Assured Products

Due Diligence is one of our highest values, ensuring healthy outcomes for our consumers

Momentum Pharmaceutical PLC is a company that is involved in the importation and distribution of globally manaufactured drugs, medical and diagnostics supplies, and medical and diagnostic equipment to Ethiopia. Our aim is to import and distribute quality and affordable drugs from manufacturers around the world currently for the Ethiopian market, eventually expanding across the African continent.

Our team focuses on the quality, safety, effectiveness and affordability of the medicine. Our ultimate goal is to create access to and provide controlled, quality drugs to the African market. Through this effort we address the distribution of counterfeit drugs, which harms hundreds of thousands each year. This will improve the health and wellbeing of society at large.

In representing blue-chip multinational manufacturers and positioning itself to offer such a wide range of quality products, Momentum aims to establish itself as one of the leading players in Africa's pharmaceutical market and a top pharmaceutical distributor globally.


Momentum's vision is to be at the forefront of the Pharmaceutical industry on the continent of Africa in
manufacturing, developing and delivering quality and affordable medicine to improve human health.




At Momentum, we are commited to importing  and distributing high quality and affordable generic pharmaceuticals. We believe our patients and society at large are entitled to the highest quality products. We are also committed to fight counterfiet products globally.




Momentum values human integrity, trust, and accountability. Passion, teamwork, and due diligence are also interwoven into our inner fabric. We aspire to innovation, creativity and excellence.

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