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"Momentum Pharmaceutical PLC handles our partner's products from A-Z, from market survey to end user distribution!"




Product lines

  • Finished Pharmaceutical products

  • OTC

  • Medical equipment

  • Medical supplies

  • Hospital disposable supplies

  • Hospital equipments

  • Diagnostic/Laboratory supplies and reagents

  • Kits




Our professional marketing team works diligently to segment and position our partners products for optimized visibility and market share. Understanding each products potential in the market through strategic research and development and creating effective marketing strategies around our findings, help our team identify the best mode of execution for each product, ensuring growth potential.   From concept to execution, we are dedicated to promoting our partners products through the following marketing tasks:


  • Market Survey

  • Designing and printing promotional materials

  • PR Campaigns

  • Contribution in local conferences

  • Defining target customers

  • Defining different approaches to target customers

  • Media campaigns

  • Business Development




With many years of communications experience, Momentums' regulations and logistics departments manage and execute  effective registration and importation plans for our partners' products. As critical to effective quality assurance within the pharmaceutical industry, our team is experienced with the process of registering products with the Ethiopian FMHCA and other African countries regulatory agencies; as well as overseeing regulatory affairs for our partner products.





Momentum's extensive distribution network allows us to reach customers across regions and achieve both partner and customer satisfaction. Through our strategic partnership with The Ghions, we have unique acess  to reach for our target market of consumers, further ensuring our partners product sucess and market gain potential.




Business Development

Momentum is dedicated to building partnerships with manufacturing and distribution companies who wish to align with a company with the resources necessary to successufully launch or expand their pharmaceutical products, supplies and equipment. With staff highly experienced in market research, planning, executing new endeavors, we are always open to partnerships that facilitate mutually beneficial platforms.

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